Installation of Manganese & Iron Specific Water Filter

Project Installation of Manganese & Iron Specific Water Filter
Project Date October 2012
Client Industry Healthcare
Client Location Co. Cork, Ireland
Environmental Services Ireland




A client in the Healthcare Sector contacted Environmental Services Ireland (ESI) as the mains water supply to their premises was found to have elevated levels of Manganese detected at 90 - 160 mg/L. The upper limit for Manganese is 50 µg/L as specified in S.I. No. 278 of 2007 European Communities (Drinking Water) Regulations 2007.



Environmental Services Ireland proposed a fully automated, backwashing water filter for removal of Manganese, Iron, minor debris and solids from water. The water filter was installed and commissioned in October 2012 and analysis and verification by an independent laboratory confirmed the effectiveness of the water filter with levels of Manganese in the supply water post filtration measured at < 2.6 µg/L.

Installation of Arsenic Specific Water Filter

Manganese Specific Filter with Bypass


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