Cold Water Storage Tank Remedial Work

Project Cold Water Storage Tank Remedial Work
Project Date April 2012
Client Industry Healthcare
Client Location Co. Dublin, Ireland
Environmental Services Ireland



Client Requirements

A client in the Healthcare Sector contacted Environmental Services Ireland (ESI) to complete remedial upgrade work on a site cold water storage tank, as recommended in a Legionella Risk Assessment. The cold water storage tank was galvanised steel and heavily corroded. The tank installation was not in compliance with the Health Protection Surveillance Centre, National Guidelines for the Control of Legionellosis in Ireland, 2009.



Environmental Services Ireland proposed to replace the cold water storage tank with a plastic tank. The installation was completed in accordance with the HPSC guidelines and best practice for Legionella prevention and control as follows:

  • • A plastic tank, appropriately sized for the system demands was installed
    • The mains inlet was positioned on the opposite side from the outlets
    • The tank was thoroughly insulated
    • The tank was fitted with a tight fitting lid and a screened lid vent
    • The overflow pipe was fitted with an insect screen to prevent the ingress of contaminants
    • The vent pipe was redirected to discharge into the heating system tank preventing cross contamination from the hot to the cold water system
    • The tank was disinfected on completion of all plumbing work


Corroded galvanised tank Newly installed tank
Corroded galvanised tank Newly installed tank


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