Closed System Chemical Dosing & Control

Project Closed System Chemical Dosing & Control
Project Date March 2012
Client Industry Commercial
Client Location Dublin, Ireland
Environmental Services Ireland



Client Requirements

A client in the Commercial Sector contacted Environmental Services Ireland (ESI) in relation to the installation and operation of the heating hot water system. The closed hot water system had no chemical treatment or means of corrosion control and the long term integrity of the system would be compromised by corrosion if the system was left uncontrolled.



Environmental Services Ireland proposed the installation of an automatic closed loop conductivity controller linked to a dosing pump which would dose the appropriate level of corrosion inhibitor (Envirotech MP) into the heating system. The conductivity probe continually monitors conductivity levels in the system and doses the inhibitor to a predetermined setpoint to ensure excellent ongoing corrosion control within the system.

Closed System Chemical Dosing & Control

Closed System Automated Corrosion Control Installation


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