Legionella Awareness Training

The HPSC National Guidelines for the Control of Legionellosis in Ireland, 2009 Chapter 7 outlines the importance of training:

“Without adequate knowledge on the part of all stakeholders, prevention and management of legionellosis is simply not possible, hence the provision of training and/or raising of awareness for all concerned must form a key component of legionellosis risk management”

Training is as fundamental to legionella control as risk assessments are, logbooks and a management structure. Inadequate management, poor communication and lack of training have all been contributory factors in outbreaks of Legionnaires' Disease.

Our training courses range from basic Legionella Awareness Training, detailed Legionella Awareness training aimed at the responsible person and management personnel and task specific training such as:

- Flushing: Principals and practice
- Monitoring: Procedures and documentation
- Maintenance: Legionella control related maintenance

On-site training is an option for employers whereby staff can be trained and practical demonstrations can be carried out in a familiar environment which can maximise and put in context the training received.

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Legionella Awareness Training from Environmental Services Ireland


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