LPHW & CHW Treatment & Remediation

The pre-commission cleaning of heating and chilled water systems has become an essential process in the installation of new systems. In poorly commissioned systems the equipment associated with these systems is susceptible to blockages at strainers, control valves and small bore heat exchangers. System contaminants such as jointing compounds and fabricating swarf and debris need to be removed by chemical cleaning and high velocity flushing, which will then allow the on-going water treatment regime to work effectively in preventing corrosion and microbiological fouling.

Older systems that have accumulated deposits due to lack of the correct water treatment can be cleaned by a similar method. This will improve their efficiency, reducing energy costs and increasing the life span of the systems. Problems with older systems include blockages, microbiological fouling, corrosion, freezing in cold weather etc.

Environmental Services Ireland provide a range of services associated with closed heating and chilled water systems including the following:

  • • Pre-commission cleaning.
    • Biocidal flushing and system flushing (following the guidance of BSRIA BG29/2012).
    • System remediation.
    • Water treatment and chemical dosing with corrosion inhibitor, biocide, glycol for long term system protection.
    • Installation of automatic chemical dosing equipment.
    • Installation of filters e.g. a side stream hydro-cyclone filter to remove small amounts of suspended solids after commissioning.
    • Service visits to test of closed water systems and maintain the correct inhibitor, biocide and glycol levels.
    • Bacterial sampling to ensure microbiological activity is controlled.


Chilled Water Flushing Samples AHU CHW Circuit Flushing Samples

Chilled Water Flushing Samples
(L – R Pre to Post Flush)

AHU CHW Circuit Flushing Samples
(L – R Pre to Post Flush)

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Flushing and Dosing of Closed Heating and Chilled Water Systems from Environmental Services Ireland


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