Monitoring & Sampling


The risk from Legionella in water systems is greatly reduced if regular monitoring is carried out as part of an overall Legionella risk management programme. Our monitoring systems incorporate the following:

  • • Record Keeping
    • Tank Inspections and Refurbishment
    • Shower De-scaling and Disinfection
    • Temperature Monitoring
    • Residual Chemical Monitoring
    • Water Systems Sampling
    • Provision and Upkeep of Logbooks
    • Regular Reviews
    • Management Programmes
    • Legionella Control System Audits



We use accredited laboratories that supply timely and reliable sample analysis for a wide range of tests. We can carry out material, water and air sampling to include microbiological and chemical laboratory analysis including the following testing:

• Legionella Analysis
• Drinking Water Analysis
• TVC / E-coli / Coliforms
• Airborne Mould and Bacteria
• Potable Water Chemical Analysis
• Surface Bacteria Testing
• Inhibitor and Glycol Testing
• Water Hardness
• Enterococci
Clostridium perfringens


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Monitoring & Sampling from Environmental Services Ireland


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