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Environmental Services Ireland (ESI) is a specialist provider of a range of environmental services across Ireland. Our knowledge and experience in sectors ranging from Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and Hospitality is the essential expertise we bring to our customers. This experience and competence coupled with our customer focused approach and commitment to excellent communication and quality sets Environmental Services Ireland (ESI) apart within the industry.

The services offered by Environmental Services Ireland (ESI) are designed to assist our clients to discharge their duties under legislation such as the SAFETY, HEALTH AND WELFARE AT WORK ACT 2005 and associated guidance and industry best practice standards. The Irish HPSC (Health Protection Surveillance Centre) published the National Guidelines for the Control of Legionellosis in Ireland in 2009. Legionella control and risk management in accordance with these guidelines is one of a number of services offered by Environmental Services Ireland (ESI).

Legionella Control Association IrelandEnvironmental Services Ireland is a Full Member (Company Registration Number 2011/2192) of the Legionella Control Association. Registration with the Legionella Control Association confirms that the procedures and documentation developed and used by Environmental Services Ireland meets the high standards of the Code of Conduct for Service Providers in the area of Legionella control services (see link to code of conduct available on this website). An annual audit of the company’s procedures and documentation is completed by the Legionella Control Association to ensure the high standards of the code of conduct are maintained.

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